February Poultry Meeting

Tonight’s meeting we discussed the concerns and threats of the Newcastle disease and how it is affecting local fairs and what we should do as poultry Fanciers during this outbreak. We decided to continue to raise our meat bird projects even if we are unable to take them to fair. It will still be a fabulous learning project for all kids involved. We talked about level testing opportunities at field day in May.

Poultry – Meeting 2

In tonight’s meeting we covered the different stages of showing our birds and continued practicing chicken handling and walking across the table. Kids were questioned on different parts of their birds and asked to demonstrate basic handling.

Next meeting is TBD.

Poultry: Meeting 1

In today’s meeting we discussed basic showing requirements. We covered each stage of showing and how to handle your chicken in and out of its cage, as well as present the bird to the judge, and walk it across a table.

We also discussed who is going to King City and who is going to Mid State, which children will be doing turkeys and meat birds as well as show birds.

Next meeting will be held before the general meeting January 17th @ 6pm at the Grange Hall ( club meeting at 6:30 )