Sheep Arrival

The lambs for the sheep project arrived Sunday safe and sound. Big thanks to Dan for making the trip down south to collect them and transport them!

You will want to make sure you have stocked up on all your feed requirements. Give your lamb a few days rest and start to introduce the halter. First sheep practice will begin after all lambs are halter trained.

Sheep & Dairy Goat – meeting 3

In today’s meeting we discussed basic diet requirements, weight limits, exercise, practice schedule and paperwork due dates for your sheep. Dan will be collecting our lambs towards the end of January, and will need our deposits closer to when he leaves.

Sheep and Dairy Goat – Meeting 2

Today’s meeting we covered some basic husbandry. Diet, hoof care, and exercise. We also started practicing naming the different parts of the sheep. Dan discussed where to get a sheep for the sheep project and mentioned he will be driving to a breeder down south to collect a sheep for anyone in need of a sheep for their project.