2020 Photography Group – meeting 2

King’s Highway Togs took to the Santa Margarita Community Hall again for their annual light and shadows photoshoot. This is a fun activity where the togs learn to see the differences in how light affects the pictures our cameras capture. We talked about light exposure in low light settings and experimented with directing light sources on our subject by moving our light sources around and keeping our subjects still, yet also interested in their environment. We learned that happy animals make for better pictures and chickens are very happy to work for grain. 

Front lighting is when the light shines from the front onto your subject
side lighting is when the light shines from only one side
Rim lighting is when the light captures the outer edge of your subject leaving the rest in shadow

Next meeting is at the Santa Margarita Community Hall on March 18th, 2020  from 1800-1900

2019 Paso Robles Christmas Parade

Rain or shine the King’s Highway 4H club built an amazing parade float. It rained the entire time we built it. Our efforts paid off as the rain cleared up just as the floats started to arrive. Two members brought their dairy goats to join us in the parade. Although they are a dwarf breed, they were a big hit! King’s Highway 4H took first place in the 4H floats this year. Congratulations and a big thank-you to everyone who helped out!