Sheep Arrival

The lambs for the sheep project arrived Sunday safe and sound. Big thanks to Dan for making the trip down south to collect them and transport them!

You will want to make sure you have stocked up on all your feed requirements. Give your lamb a few days rest and start to introduce the halter. First sheep practice will begin after all lambs are halter trained.

Photography – Meeting 2 – Keep it Steady, Keep it Level

In today’s meeting we covered the differences between landscape and portrait mode. We also discussed ways to align our pictures to keep the ground level and in focus. Your assignment for this section is to take 6 of your best photos and answer the questions in your assignment packet.

We can go over your pictures at our next meeting, February 28th, at:
Santa Margarita Community Hall
22501 I St, Santa Margarita,
CA 93453

download the meeting and assignment here:

Poultry – Meeting 2

In tonight’s meeting we covered the different stages of showing our birds and continued practicing chicken handling and walking across the table. Kids were questioned on different parts of their birds and asked to demonstrate basic handling.

Next meeting is TBD.

Sheep & Dairy Goat – meeting 3

In today’s meeting we discussed basic diet requirements, weight limits, exercise, practice schedule and paperwork due dates for your sheep. Dan will be collecting our lambs towards the end of January, and will need our deposits closer to when he leaves.

Photography – Meeting 1 : First Photo Shoot

First Photo Shoot : Kai Grist
Subject: Edi, a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat

Welcome to level 1 photography! In our first meeting we covered the different types of cameras, the different parts of your camera and where the settings are located on your cameras. We discovered our dominant eyes and talked about our first photo assignment. Select a subject to take a picture of and take a picture. take a few steps back and take another picture. repeat taking pictures and taking a few steps back a few more times and compare the differences between each set of pictures. Is your subject easy to see and in focus? Or does your subject lose focus or get ‘lost’ in the background of your photograph? Are there any objects in the way of your subject? In photography we draw with our eyes. Our pictures show others what we can see. How does where you position yourself to your subject change what your camera sees? What things can you do to control the pictures your camera takes? We can discuss these things in the next meeting, February 23rd, 6:00pm at Round Table pizza.

download the meeting notes and assignment here:

Poultry: Meeting 1

In today’s meeting we discussed basic showing requirements. We covered each stage of showing and how to handle your chicken in and out of its cage, as well as present the bird to the judge, and walk it across a table.

We also discussed who is going to King City and who is going to Mid State, which children will be doing turkeys and meat birds as well as show birds.

Next meeting will be held before the general meeting January 17th @ 6pm at the Grange Hall ( club meeting at 6:30 )

Sheep and Dairy Goat – Meeting 2

Today’s meeting we covered some basic husbandry. Diet, hoof care, and exercise. We also started practicing naming the different parts of the sheep. Dan discussed where to get a sheep for the sheep project and mentioned he will be driving to a breeder down south to collect a sheep for anyone in need of a sheep for their project.