2019 Salinas Valley Fair ( King City )

Some Highlights of the Salinas Valley Fair

Additional pictures from club members who attended are welcome! please send them to JV and they will be included 🙂 

Setup day in the Dairy Goat barn

Dairy Goat Show

Market Lamb

Photography results

February Photography Meeting

This meeting we discussed light and shadows. We talked about the different types of light sources and how light makes our photos look more textured or ‘flat’ based on where the direction of light faces our subjects. We experimented with changing the direction of light to see how it affected our pictures and played with shadows to make art from absence of light.

We experimented with different light sources. We added and removed light sources to see what changed. We moved light sources around a subject, and briefly talked about lumens. the way we measure light intensity.
Shadows show us the angle of light against a subject. Shadows can be long or short based on where the light source is facing your subject.
When light comes from behind you can create a silhouette. It blacks out all detail in the shadows. The light that catches along the edge of your subject is called ‘rim lighting’. Rim lighting can create depth to a shadowed figure.

We also talked about how to work with animals. How to keep their attention and interest to produce pictures where the animals look happy, not stressed. Much of it has to do with setting up the shot as much as possible before bringing in the animals and being quick on the shutter release button. We can also train our animals to hold still, look in particular directions, or keep eye contact. The difference between a happy and stressed animals in a picture can change the whole feel of your composition. You can make a good picture better, just by getting some ears forward, some heads high and eyes that gleam for the prospect of treats.

Our meeting could get some things signed off, but there was more than an hour’s worth of stuff to cover. so there’s a few fun projects to do at home.

You can download tonight’s meeting notes and home assignments here:

Next month’s meeting will be held at the Atascadero Grange Hall as we voted to hold all our project meetings at the general meeting every month to help with attendance. Upcoming topics are to talk about composition. Composition is the way things are arranged in your pictures. We’ll talk about perspective, distance, focal points, and if we have time, we can do some fun ‘special effects’ with our pictures.

February Meat Goat Meeting

Tonight’s meeting set up showmanship practices starting this  Sunday at 1 pm at the Templeton school farm. We will practice weekly. We will deworm, have a weigh in, check hooves, and practice. We are ordering teeshirts and sweatshirts for anyone interested. 

February Poultry Meeting

Tonight’s meeting we discussed the concerns and threats of the Newcastle disease and how it is affecting local fairs and what we should do as poultry Fanciers during this outbreak. We decided to continue to raise our meat bird projects even if we are unable to take them to fair. It will still be a fabulous learning project for all kids involved. We talked about level testing opportunities at field day in May.

GOAT Keeping 101

Have you ever wanted to have your own source of Fresh Milk? Would you like to give in to your inner goat addiction or just learn more about these charming creatures??

A beginning course in dairy goat keeping is available through the educational outreach of the Atascadero Agriculture Hall of Atascadero,Ca.- Hosted By Kathleen Vieira
Topics covered:dairy goat selection, health care, housing needs, feeding, Ect
Cost is $5 a person collected at the door